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In the time of long ago, Lodespar Mountain pushed forth to form the western edge of a timeless land known as the Tidendal Valley. Magnificent pines and hardwoods grew, pure streams formed pristine ponds, and the animals, birds and ancient people reveled in nature’s beauty. Thus began the enchanted saga that surrounds the present home of Punzel’s Cottage, Lodespar Mountain and the Tidendal Woods located south of Traverse City, Michigan.

Alf Nordstrom, a woodsman, immigrated from Sweden in 1870 to homestead the Tidendal Woods and build a cottage beside the beautiful heart-shaped pond as documented in The Legend of Punzel’s Pond by Judy Hauser. To this day, his grandniece, Punzel, and her family maintain the old woodland trails, ponds, streams, herb and flower gardens and original cottage.

A visitor’s adventure begins at the wooden footbridge leading guests from the parking lot to Punzel’s Cottage where one can buy Scandinavian Handicrafts from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, and enjoy a Fika. Guests can participate in a Saga Tour between Elves and Trolls. A stroll through the Magical Daisy Ring, our tour portal. A right turn takes one into the Elves' Realm with a visit to an elf's cottage, a left turn along the beautiful heart-shaped pond takes one into the Realm of the Trolls, with a stop at a trolls lair. You decide. To recieve Punzel's Post, an e-letter, please e-mail us.


Punzel's Cottage is Located at 8720 County Road 633,

5 miles north of Buckley, Michigan, 49620.

Cottage hours Monday - Saturday 1-4 p.m.

May 1 through December 23.


Spring hours see Current Events. Fika reservations, please call 231-263-7427 or

e-mail us at magic@punzelslegends.com.

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