Scandinavian Handicrafts
at Punzel's Cottage

Vibrant wildflowers carpet the Tidendal Woods and flow gently toward Punzel’s beautiful heart-shaped pond. Their strength, beauty and vitality inspire floral folkloric designs on our handcrafted Swedish clogs, wooden home accessories and furniture, and embellish our natural fiber clothing:

- Pristine daisies spill through the meadow, weaving a trail of light between woods and water

- Lemony buttercups collect succulent nectar to quench woodland elve’s thirst- Dainty bluebells ring whenever a good deed is done

- Diminutive Linnea Borealis (twin flower) serve as the bonnet for Tidendal’s sylphids (nymphs)

- Violets of lavender, pink, yellow and white are edible jewels strewn across Tidendal’s floor.

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Punzel's Cottage is located at 8720 County Road 633,
5 miles north of Buckley, Michigan, 49620.

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